The Jefis - Drools Extender

The novell Lab4Drools library is a JEFIS Drools extender, based on the Jefis project. It serves as a bridge between the Drools rule engine and the JEFIS fuzzy capabilities.

Integrating Lab4Drools into your own projects?

Lab4Drools is open-source and deployed as a Maven2 project-site. In order to access Lab4Drools and integrate the library into your project make the repository location known


and add a dependency to the Lab4Drools library


into your pom.xml document. This way you will have always the newest versions, if snapshots are enabled. At present no final Lab4Drools version is available.

About Lab4Drools

A project of the lab for computer sciences, at the 
University of Applied Sciences, Muenster
48565 Steinfurt, Germany
Stegerwaldstr. 39
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Wulff